Creative Christmas Ads of All Times!

Christmas ads collection for a period of about 60 years!

Chesterfield Cigarettes, 1938


Insurance Company of NA, 1949


American Airlines Christmas ad, 1949


Coca-Cola: For Santa, 1950


Pall Mall Cigarettes, 1951


Schick, 1951


Look Magazine, 1952


A&P Coffe Christmas ad, 1956


"Deck the halls with

plop, plop, fizz, fizz,

Fa, la, la, la, la,

La, la, la; ahh."

Alka-Seltzer, 1979


Starbucks Christmas Blend, early 90s


Absolut 24th. 25 years, 2005


Enjoy the Christmas taste with Nespresso coffee machine, 2006


The Salvation Army 2006 Christmas Ad Campaign, Canada


Pepsi: Christmas, 2006


Don't let irresponsible driving wreck Christmas, 2007
Agency: Key. The idea bank. San Juan, Puerto Rico


AKQA: Cheese & Biscuits, 2007


Try and be good, at least with colours, 2007
Advertising Agency: Publicis, Italy


We're so in te mood for Christmas, 2007
Advertising Agency: CreAds, Singapore


Christmas card for "be!" - producer of clothes for children & pregnant women, 2007


Mazda: Christmas Tree, 2007


Mercedes-Benz: Christmas Tree, 2007


Mercedes: Santa's Little Helper, 2007


Childhope Asia Philippines: Christmas Tree, 2008
Over 200,000 children are spending Christmas one the streets


Tide Christmas, 2008


Happy Holidays. Always Fun. M&M's, 2008


Telepizza Delivery "four season's greetings" - 2001
Agency : Publicis (Spain)


Bic manual shaver - 2005
Agency : TBWA/BR (Brazil)


Moraleja Green - 2004
Agency : Zapping (Spain)


Playboy Christmas Edition - 2005
Agency : Young & Rubicam (Brazil)


Helen Walker

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