A Collection of Cool Papervision3D Tutorials

Get to experiment with some 'real' 3D!

Papervision3D is an open source 3D engine for the Flash platform. It has been around for 2 years and has gained public approvement and recently won the Innovation of the Year in this year’s .net Awards.


'It started as a simple way to transform MovieClips to achieve the 3D illusion. By changing their position, size, rotation and skew you could almost forgive the lack of perspective,' says one of the creators.


Some of the Papervision3d key abilities are:

- realistic 3D visualisation and environments including elements such as depth-cueing that were normally reserved for ‘proper’ local 3D applications

- fluid and intuitive styles of animation and motion

- technical speed and agility within play-back

- for example the handling of large numbers of media assets without any obvious end-user experience degradation

- relatively seamless integration within Adode Flash making the development process very effective and efficient.


Papervision3d offers a high level of user-engagement and entertainment, and inspires the creative process of designers and developers working in the digital industry.


Below are some great Papervision3d tutorials in order to get to know the technology or advance your knowledge and skills.




Introduction to Papervision


Casting Shadows in Papervision 3d

Papervision Planetarium


Tweener: Bezier Curve Animations


Pixel precision in Papervision3D


Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial - Animated Textures


Quaternions in Papervision3D


Video Cube Demo


Papervision 3D Flash Gallery Tutorial



Dragging in 3D - The Right Way


Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial - Effects


Animation using Tweener


4-Part Papervision 3D Programming Tutorials


3D Ribbons in Papervision


Using Papervision3D with FlashDevelop 3


Full interactivity on an objects surface


Content creation for Papervision3D using XSI Mod Tool: 1/2


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