50+ Most Useful Valentine's Day Designer Resources

The list of resources to make your Valentine's Day special!

Valentine's Day is coming up meaning that everybody are getting into romantic mood. An average person will be glad to recieve a valentine card, a box of chocolates, jewelry or a bottle of favorite perfumes. But if you're a web designer, you'll be no less excited to get something that'll be useful in your work and still posess the spirit of the holiday. That's why we decided to present you a list ofValentine's Day Designer Resources! Here you'll find Valentine's Day brushes, fonts, icons, illustrations and vector graphics, tutorials, wallpapers, and contests - in other words, everything to help you enjoy the holiday to the fullest and give the joy to your loved ones!


Valentine's Day Photoshop Brushes Resources

5 Photoshop Heart Brushes Sets from FBrushes

The collection of 5 Photoshop heart brushes sets from FBrushes contains 92(!) brushes on the whole! Hearts in all possible shapes, styles and clusters ranging from classic to alternative.




Photoshop Heart Brushes Collection from Web Resources Depot

An extensive list if heart brushes resources. Hearts, arrows, swirls, borders, etc. that have been collected for your perusal and use while getting ready for Valentine's Day!




5 Sets of Free Photoshop Brushes for Valentine's Day Designs from Design Bliss

5 great sets of valentine's day photoshop brushes from 2 great designers: ShadyMedusa and Obsidian Dawn. Heart-centered, the brush designs are still unique in their decorations and clusters.




5 More Sets of Free Photoshop Brushes for Valentine's Day Designs from Design Bliss

Another 5 great sets of valentine's day brushes. Exclusive hearts, swirls and kisses will add some taste and feel to your valentine's day design.





Heart Doodles from Brusheezy

This is a set of hand drawn heart doodles - scanned, vectorized in Illustrator, and exported to Photoshop. If you wanna try something original, then this set of heart doodles will work just right for you.





Last Minute Valentine's Day Photoshop Brushes Set


2 sets of 40 grunge brushes total will suit those best who is not a fan of sickly sweet Valentine's Days designs. These brushes will add on some mystery to you Valentine's Day!






Valentine's Day Fonts


This website contains more than 100 different fonts (hearts, kisses etc.) for a Valentine’s Day! All fonts are black-and-white. Also you can type a word and customize it in any font. This is an excellent website.



Here we have a website with different fonts (kisses, hearts etc.) for a Valentine’s Day. You can find a lot of words, typed in different fonts. Fonts on the website are black-and-white.



This website has a huge amount of black-and-white fonts: hearts, kisses, angels, animals and other for a Valentine’s Day! Website is clean and simple.


HolidayJoys Fonts

On this website you can find coloured fonts. There are words typed in red and pink colours. Website is clean and simple.


Valentine Joys

Here you can find 18 nice fonts for a Valentine’s Day. Fonts are shown in different colours.


2200 Free Fonts

This website contains one of the greatest collections of nice fonts. Here you will find 140 different fonts for a Valentine’s Day. Everything is simple and clean. Fonts are shown excellent.


2200 Free Fonts - 2

Here we have a website like previous. There is a page with some more fonts for a Valentine’s Day.



This is a website with unusual and nice fonts. There are 17 excellent (shown in black-and-white) fonts.


Font River

Here we have 144 different fonts! A great collection, isn't it? Unusual and interesting fonts! I think you will find here, what you are looking for!




Valentine's Day Icon Resources


Valentine's Icons from Clip-art

5 sets of Valentune's Day icons, both for Mac and PC. Hearts, flowers, cuoids and couples are all accurately rendered and free to use to create a romantic mood.


5 Sets of Free Icons for Valentine's Day

Here are some heart-shaped rss icons and generic glossy hearts you could use. Simple, clean and cute - a good resource to help you make you Valentine's design special!


Free Valentine's Day Icons from Eight7teen

If you're a designer, there are a couple of resources that are a bit more creative than chocolates to tell somebody that they are special. These two Valentine's Day Icon sets are not as tasty as chocolates but are still a sign of love and care.


Valentine's Day Icons from IconFactory

Iconic sweets, candy sweets and classic candy heart icons for the sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day! Click the link to see the icons!


TemplateMonster.com Valentine's Bonus Iconset

The St. Valentine's Day iconset from Templatemonster.com contains a collection of 12 premium romantic icons. Using these romantic icons is the best way for you to put some romance and tenderness into your designs. The iconset is available for free to anyone who buys any template from TemplateMonster.com during the month of February 2008.


Heart: My Free Social Icon Set

Well, this is not exactly the Valentine's Day icon set, but the icons are still created in the shape of hearts which to my mind suits our topic well. And the advantage is that you can use them even when the Valentine's Day is long over.



Valentine's Day Illustrations


Better Photo

This website contains 66 different illustrations for a Valentine’s Day! Here you can find illustrations of any genre (flowers, children, animals etc.). All images are colourful and nice.







All Space

Here we have big pictures for a Valentine’s Day (many flowers). Illustrations are excellent.





Myspace Valentine Day Graphics



Myspace Valentine Day Graphics

This website contains 40 animations (animals, hearts, flowers, pleasant words etc.). All animations are coloured and some of them ablaze.






ClipArt Guide

Here we have many coloured images. They are not very big, but interesting. This images are made in a little bit old style. I think you willlike them.










Valentine Joys

This website contains 12 good images (many angels, and hearts). Images are simple and clean.











ClipArt of

Here we have 40 excellent images! Each illustration is stylish and exclusive. I'm sure you'll like it!








Valentine's Day Graphics

This website contains over 100 illustrations for a Valentine’s Day! Here you will find pictures on any taste!











Valentine's Day Illustrations

This website is one of the best in our list! Here you will find a lot of beautiful illustrations. You will see cupids, flowers, a lot of hearts, people, animals, kisses etc.









Valentine's Day Vector Graphics



Free Valentine’s Day vectors collection - Crazy Leaf Design

This is a free eps and png vector and vectorial icons collection.






15 Free Vector Heart Images For Valentine’s Day - Web Resources Depot

Just as said in the title - there are 15 free vector heart images in this collection. Whether you are into Valentine's Day or not, these sweet heart vector images will make you look forward to February 14.



Valentine's Day Cupid Vector Clipart - Cool Clips

This collection of royalty-free vector clip art images focuses on Cupid, archery, arrows, bow & arrow, and Cherub. It'll suit any of your Valentine's Day projects pefrectly including business presentations, desktop publishing, web pages, greeting cards, email, posters, promotional items, t-shirts, sign-making, print-making and more!




Vector Clipart: Valentines Day - Vector Images

Vector-Clipart.info offers the exclusive vector clipart CD packages vectorized by professional designers. All the clip arts are available in two main vector formats - CorelDraw 9 (.cdr) and EPS.



3 UHQ Valentines Day Vector

Three ultra high quality Valentine's Day text images featuring 'I Love You', 'Happy Valentines' and 'Love'. Deep red, clean, saturated and simply gorgeous images will add on a tru sense of love to your design.



Valentine's Day Vector Graphics - iStockPhoto

These images are not totally free, but unique and there's a great choice! Using these imagine, you don't have to worry you'll find and identical design to yours!







Illustration of Valentine's Day Vector - FeaturePics

Another set of Valentine's Day vector illustrations that is for sale. Yet it's beautiful and original!









Valentine's Day Heart Vector Clipart - Cool Clips

31 pages of all different heart vector clipart! What else should be added?.. Heart vector clipart is available in raster JPG files and scalable, resizeable vector WMF files.








Valentine's Day Tutorial Resources



101 St. Valentine's Day Graphics Tutorials

The multiple tutorials 5 different sections will teach multiple ways to draw Valentine hearts, Cupid, Valentine Candies and Chocolates, Roses, St. Valentine's cards. There are also Miscellaneous St. Valentine's Day Tutorials. All of the selections contain the tutorials for popular graphics editor software packages such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Corel Draw.





Valentine's Day Ideas from Adobe Tutorialz

Enter the keyword 'Valentine' in the search form and you'll get a list of useful valentine's Day tutorials. Various hearts, cards, texts, special effects, calendards and wallpapers created with a proffesional touch and described in detail, so you have no trouble creating the one of your own.







Valentines Day - Photoshop Style

The tutorial will teach you to create the "nebula" effect (that is kind of colorful clouds) behind the 3d text.The final design was planned to be a Valentine's Day present for the author's girlfriend, so it's made with love and style.









  Romantic Design Trends

A collection of tutorials you can use in web design, e-card creating or any graphic representation of your feelings to charm your beloved, friends and any people you care about. Give them one more reason to smile on St. Valentine's Day.







Valentine's Day Contests


St. Valentine's Wallpapers Contest by Templates.com: LOVE will save the world!

Create your own wallpaper and win $150 in cash prize! You can send as many wallpapers as you like - the main condition is to place Templates.com logo on it. Any types of images are welcomed: 3D art, vectors, photos, and pixmaps. Images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and four resolutions - 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200. Deadline: February 14.





Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest - v 2.0!

The theme is anti-valentines. Something a bit darker/creepier than you average valentine project - or however you interpret "Anti-Valentine". Illustrations or any sort of food or craft project welcome. Tutorials and How-to's are encouraged! Simply create your offering, and either post the link to it as a comment, or email it to the organizator. And show off your stuff on flickr by adding it to the dabbled group pool. http://flickr.com/groups/dabbled/ The coolest stuff will be featured on Dabbled.org, linking back to all your other equally cool stuff if you provide a website. Deadline: 11:oo PM Eastern US time on Feb 12



Valentine's Day Contests from DeviantART:

St. Valentines Day Vector Contest from DeviantART

Create 1 Valentine's Day theme deviation in red ,pink, or white/black colors with vectors, submit it to DaviantART, then vote on the top 3 works (you can vote for youself), and in case your design get to the top-5 - win one of the prizes provided! You can also donate a prize - it can be as simple as a feature! For more details, do to the contest page on DeviantART. Deadline: midnight on February 16th, 2008.

Dark and Luscious Valentine Contest

Things passionate, wild maybe, definitely your dark side! opened to all IFDD members and watchers. 2 entries per person. Deviations may not be switched/rearranged. All entries must be a recognizable fractal program such as Ultra Fractal, Apophysis, Mind Boggling Fractals, Fractal Explorer,etc. Prizes are there for the winners! Deadline: February 14th, midnight, Eastern Standard Time.


Show D.A. just how much you care! Anyone can make their own colorful creations using pallete specified as well as black and white colors, and make something to the theme of love and romance in an 11x11 inches format. The top pieces will be featured on a Valentines Day card. Deadline: February 12.




Valentine's Day Wallpapers



This is an excellent website! You will find here high resolution wallpapers for a Valentine’s Day, up to 1920 x 1200 pixels! Some wallpapers are delightful (like this one!)!


This website contains over 120 wallpapers for a Valentine’s Day! Wallpapers are excellent and with high resolution. I like this website!


Here we have 3 wallpapers of rather good quality.


This website contains 2 wallpapers for a Valentine’s Day! Wallpapers are with high resolution.

Valentine's Day Wallpapers on Flickr

This website is worth visiting! Here you will find over 300 wallpapers for a Valentine’s Day! Wallpapers are high quality and with high resolution!




Valentine's Day Designer Resources Round-ups


Over 50 Free Valentine’s Day Design Resources - A Design Bliss Mega-List

Excellent collection of free Valentine's Day design resources. Here you'll find vector graphics, photoshop brushes and patterns, icon sets, stock photos and backgrounds fonts and dingbats , and textures! And there's a bonus - an exclusive Design Bliss Download for you - a little vector heart design!

Valentine’s Day Tutorials & Resources from Area1

Here’s what you’ll find: 10 Tutorials, 10 Fonts, 11 Icons (.ico & .png format), and 6 Wordpress Themes. A great gift to for those interested in design on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Collection Photoshop Presets

This round of Valentine's Day design resources includes Photoshop heart custom shapes, photoshop heart brush set, 2 sets of Valentine's Day Patterns, 2 sets of pink layer styles, 2 sets of lavender layer styles, and 2 sets of red layer styles. And just as said in the title, these are presents meaning they are totally FREE!


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