45 Amazing Illustrations for Inspiration

Collections of illustrations and graphic designs from artists around the world.

Now and then we stumble at various artists whose work we find inspirational. In a week or so we might not remember the name but the image will still be there. It's great to keep the record of their locations, whether in your computer, or in your bookmarks, etc. Brought all together they might make a nice inspirational collection.

I mostly focus on website design on DI - yet, this time I wanna share with you some digital art works.


Aeiko is the online creative identity of UK designer Pate Harrison. As the online presence expended he was featured in a variety of magazines, books and on websites including a feature in a Computer Arts magazine as one in ten internationally recognised new designers in the year 2006. He is currently working full time in London developing clothing label Funkrush.





Amy Sol spent her childhood years in Korea, then moved to Las Vegas, where she carrently lives and works. Though the style of her work is greatly influenced by a combination  of manga folk-art, vinttage illustration and modern design, she remains a self taught artist. She has dedicated many years of life mixing pigments and mediums to achieve a unique color palette of subtly muted tones. Amongst the expressions of each character are notions of peaceful reflection and a sense of companionship.





Burdu976.com is the online portfolio of Alberto Seveso, an Italian illustrator and graphic designer. The website lacks biographical facts because Alberto believes his illustrations speak for him, and they really do. His motto is 'does not really matter who I am or where I come from - the world has no borders'.






Chuck Anderson is a freelance artist working under the name NoPattern. Since 2003 he has been working for companies such as Sony, Reebok, Burton, Nylon, Mountain Dew, Nike, ESPN, Vans, and more. About himself he says he has always been a big fan of bright, vibrant, and vivacious colors. He has also been fascinated by the use of light in art, photography, and, of course, design. He likes things to look sensational and over the top. 'I just really enjoy creating things that are very dreamlike.'





Byroglyphics is an online gallery for UK Artist/Illustrator Russ Mills.'My illustrations are not too scientific, they begin life as sketches in ink,the tool of choice is the Bic 'fine' because it gives me a lot more mileage than more expensive, snootier fine liners that break if you give them too much stick.'




Susan McKivergan is a self-taught digital artist and musician from South Carolina, USA. She came across deviantART while looking for some photoshop brushes, and soon enough (2007) joined the 'Artist Relations Team' there as one of the Digital Art Gallery Directors under the nickname of 'cosmosue.' Susan has tried just about everything, but her current medium is digital painting.




Corinna Radcliffe is an illustrator living and working in Brighton.Corinna describes her work as "vibrant, feminine and full of pattern." Much of Corinna's inspiration comes from her travels which include Cuba, Thailand and Morocco, where she draws from the imagery and pattern found in the temples and the Islamic patterns seen all over Morocco. Work usually starts off by hand, whether it's pencil drawing or collaging shapes and patterns together using cut paper and the photocopier. These elements are then always transferred to the computer where the image is taken through different stages to what we see as the end result.







Kyle T. Webster is an award winning illustrator who has done illustrations for national and international magazines, book publishers and advertising companies. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators (NY), Print, AIGA, Graphis, AltPick.





The artwork below belongs to a 23-year-old female Jing Zhang aka Mazakiia. Born and raised in China, Jing moved to London in 2007 to get her Master's degree in Fashion Design. She is a Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluent speaker.






Maciej Mizer is a graphic designer based in Lodz, Poland, specializing in 2d and 3d graphic, web design and photography. Mosk.pl is his online portfolio which presents works from 2003-2007.





Of Sound And Vision - the online portfolio of Alex Cherry, an LA-based illustrator.






Linn Olofsdotter, from Sweden, has explored many mediums before solidifying her career in the illustration field. After getting her education in both advertising and graphic design in Europe and the US, she moved to Brazil to start up a motion graphics studio along with her husband and creative partner.





Lim Si Ping is a Singapore-based freelance designer, illustrator, and artist behind PixelPastry. She began freelance designing at the age of eighteen, and has since then worked for both local and international clients. Her portfolio has been widely recognized and in 2006 she was listed as one of the 20 up-and-coming illustrators that will break new ground in the international design industry with the vision to move illustration forward. Most of Lim Si Ping's designs feature Asian people placed in surreal environments that cannot be captured in real life.





RUNKID, the design and photography portfolio of London based artist Maksim Marcenkevic. Maksim is a multi-skilled designer fond of illustration. He cherishes Flash, hates Java and considers charities evil. To Maksim a 'designer' is not simply a word - it has a lot of responsibility to it, and he does his best to suite it.





Stina Persson is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Stina's work has appeared in many publications including Elle, Flaunt, Marie Claire and Travel & Leisure to name just a few. Her works are real inspiration to a wide range of people.




Helen Walker

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