101 Logo Tutorials

No, we're not kidding! Presenting you 101 tutorials on logo design techniques!

 Logo development is hard and exhausting, well not as hard as working for nuclear factory but still makes you fill wasted. Why? Well, there are a few aspects that influence the project of logo development that wipes your brains out. The hardest one is to understand clients’ enquires. It happens often that a specifier might have a general concept of what he would like to see represented in a form of mental image but with a poor verbal explanation or what’s worse have no idea on how his new logo should look like at all. So you should pay attention to every of your clients word and, as they say in the ghetto: 'Gotta feel these words'.

Of course, to become a proficient logo designer you need to train a lot. Here is why we've prepared for you the collection of 101! Tutorials on creating logos. Some are simple some are not - hope you give it your best shot!

1. Stylish Logo in Disco Style - Disco is back, folks. And with such a design it is back for good. Take this tutorial and learn to make really stylish designs for your logos and other artworks.

2. How to Design the Firefox Logo -You do not have to love animals in order to enjoy Firefox, but you have to take a look at this, if you are using it. And if not, then you can learn a thing or two from this great tutorial.

Professional Logo Design - This is simply a beautiful piece of art. Additionally this is a good tutorial, but most importantly this is a brilliant source of inspiration.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia Logo - The best part of this tutorial is not about Narnia, but about the creation of some very good effects. Using these instructions one may learn to make very sophisticated images for different purposes.

5. Logo with a Paper Plane
- This is how a well-done professional logo design should look. Simple, beautiful, and sticking to the memory. What is the best about this tutorial is that it is very clear and comprehensive. A logo like this can be done quickly and easily and even an armature can handle it.

6. Gfxfreak's Logo - Nice, stylish and professional. A great logo and a great tutorial for making similar arts. This one is especially useful, because it teaches some tricks f making comics-like characters.

7. Magic Brush Logo - Superb logo supported by a comprehensive explanation. A perfect blend of style and utility.

8. 3D Glossy Box Logo - This tutorial is not for beginners and it will take some skill from you to do this logo, but the result is well worth it. In other words, this is a thing that you will definitely want to learn

9. USA Flag Logo - An excellent example of how a good logo can be made. It is even better, because it is supported by a good explanation, but its style would have made it one of the best even by itself.

10. How to make an Awesome Logo - A good tutorial with very detailed explanation. The process of making this logo is rather long, but it allows to build a stylish vector image. All steps are explained in a clear and vivid manner.

11. WordPress Logo - The original logo was, of course, professionally-made, but this reproduction does not look any worse. Moreover, it helps to learn to create designs like that. Great job.

12. 3D Logo Tutorial - This tutorial explicitly explains how to make a cool and 3D-like logo. This could suit both a serious company or fan web-site. However, the best part of this tutorial is what it teaches you.

13. Road Sing Logo - A great logo with good explanation. This tutorial is one of the finest in its style and educational usefulness.

14. Concept Web Logo - A good tutorial for both those who are only learning and those who would like to add some new tricks to their armory. The result is stylish and the explanation is very clear.

15. Smooth Modern Trendy Logo in Photoshop - A good tutorial that explains some basic techniques. However, at the same time the final result looks very professional. You should look at tutorials like that to learn, what a stylish logo means.

16. Shining Circles Logo - Aside from the great final image this tutorial is also useful, because it is almost universal. You can create a great background, a wallpaper, a logo or a banner with the steps described in this tutorial and any of them will look neat and professional.

17. E-Shop - Online Store logo - This is a strictly business-type logo and a good one, by the way. It includes all necessary details and not a pixel more.

18. Darkness Logo Tutorial - This tutorial helps to create an extremely stylish logo for a web-site with the help of screenshots of the used tools. The result looks really great.

19. Brushed Metal Surface Logo - This is not exactly a logo, but we could not have helped to mention it. It explains some things that would be really useful for creating a logo in a clear and simple language.

20. 3D Glossy Text Logo - A great tutorial for creating an excellent logo. Result looks very professional and explanations are clear enough. What is even more valuable is that this logo is stylish.

21. Unique Logo - Very stylish solution. This logo can be used for a great variety of purposes, making it universal.

22. Fitness Club Logo - A very good tutorial for creating a very good logo. This is a perfect image for any fitness club. A very professional approach.

23. Business Logo - Live in style and work in style. In what style? In any you like. This tutorial offers a black one with some bright colors to enhance it. The final choice is always yours.

24. Injection Logo - An example of how to make a very special logo for a very specialized company. At the same time explanation is rather simple and clear.

25. Construction Industry Logo - A nice logo for a specific type of business. This is how a specialized logo should look.

26. Rectangular Glassy Logo - This is a very professional logo. The explanation is rather brief, but comprehensive and the result is great. It is an excellent solution for a serious business. The only problem is that all steps are split into different pages.

27. Texturing a 3D Logo - Not precisely a logo, but it is beautiful, well explained and, what is much more important, it teaches some tricks that are extremely useful for making logos. That is why it is placed here.

28. Photoshop Herbal Web site Template Logo - A very good logo that utilizes few colors, but looks as a single element describing a unique and memorable style of a company or a brand.

29. Stylish Logo Design - A professional logo with a good explanation of how to achieve this result. What else does it need?

30. Simple and Clean Logo Design - A creative approach to developing a business logo design. Simple, yet interesting and pleasant for an eye.

31. Mountain Logo - In this tutorial the author shows how with the minimum colors one can create a very beautiful logo, which at the same time is functional and simple.

32. Hair Gel Logo - A detailed description of how to make a good logo. Step by step this tutorial teaches you how to achieve a rather sophisticated result. Its ideas can be used in many other designs.

33. Pontiac Car Emblem logo - Value of this tutorial lies in the educational plain. Of course fans of the Pontiac brand will find this tutorial exciting by itself, but beginners will be able to learn a lot from it.

34. Colorful Logo - A colorful and bright logo. It can be done easily and even a beginner can learn to use all the tricks, shown in this tutorial.

35. Shopping Mall Logo - A brilliant commercial logo. Simple, schematic and sticking to the memory. This is what a good logo should look like.

36. Logo for Sports Championship - A good tutorial for a schematic logo. It has pretty nice explanation of what to do in order to create a traditional logo for a sport event or a team.

37. Futuristic Web Logo - A small, but rather interesting futuristic solution. It leaves enough place for customization, and, what is most important, it explains main steps very clear, so you can make your own logos simply using these techniques.

38. Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids - When you deal with logos, simple is good and this tutorial is great at being simple and elegant. It has got its own unique style and looks very well.

39. Simple Vector Logo Design - A brilliant use of paths in creating a vector logo in Photoshop. Very useful for those, who only begin to work with paths and other vector elements.

40. Glossy 3D Plains Logo - This tutorial covers not actually a logo, but a universal solution for making many designs, including logos. Though the method is very simple, the result looks very professional.

41. Online music company logo - Tutorial for making logo that will suite nearly any media company. Simple, yet stylish.

42. Star Wars Logo - They say that silence is gold, but this tutorial tries to prove that pure gold is in the art. Well it got some good chances for proving the point.

43. GameCube Logo - This tutorial is good for two reasons: it explains how to make a Gamecube logo (purely for the fans) and it teaches some useful things for making universal logos, applicable for any kind of business.

44. Logo for Internet Provider Company - This tutorial should be your first step on the path of a professional designer. It utilizes very few instruments and creates a simple, but good logo and at the same time it shows that simplicity and modesty is one of the best strategies for most logo designs.

45. 3D Shiney logo - A detailed video explanation. This is the best option for beginners, because this form of education leaves no space for a misunderstanding and provides a maximally comprehensive explanation.

46. Aquarium Shop Logo - A good example of how to make a logo on a specific topic. This tutorial is comprehensive and is suitable for newbies and at the same time it shows some decent style.

47. Professional Logo - This logo really looks professional. Maybe a bit too complicated to pay attention to all details, but, after all, this is only a lesson and not a template. Explanation is clear and uses screenshots of the instruments, what makes study really easy.

48. 3D Text Logo - It is unbelievable, what one can do with a simple text in such a short period of time and with so few instruments. A good tutorial both for beginners and for those, looking for some fresh ideas.

49. Umbrella Corporation Logo - Though we do not advice this specific design for a company (after all the original fictional Umbrella corporation had to do with producing zombies), but this tutorial offers some good ideas for many other logo designs.

50. HqTutorials Logo - One may look and say that this is a button, but in fact it is a good lesson on how to use simple instruments in Photoshop to create good effects that would definitely come in handy while creating a logo.

51. Professional Web Logo - A detailed tutorial on creating business logos fast, while preserving a serious business style. Good and simple, just what a business logo should be.

52. Jelly Logo - A very good tutorial for a simple and universal image. It can be used as a background to almost any kind of media and of course for great logos.

53. Urban-Style Logo - Take it to the streets, as they say. This tutorial is perfect for achieving a special street-like style. Simple, but good.

54. Volkswagen Logo - Take a look at how logos for transnational corporations are done. A useful tutorial for both amateurs and fans of the brand.

55. The Dark Knight Logo - An excellent use of light. This simple tutorial offers very interesting ideas on creating images with the light from behind the surface and of course it will be interesting for the Batman's fans.

56. Logo Design Process - This tutorial gives a good explanation on how to make this very specific logo, but it is hardly applicable in other occasions, thus making educational usefulness of the tutorial rather low.

57. Modern Logo Design - This one really got the groove. Make a logo of your site in this style and make the rest of the site in this style and you will get, what is called a complete image.

58. Custom "X" Logo - This tutorial received place in our review for the idea behind the creation of this logo. The approach to making letter X is rather unique and can be found useful by many professionals.

59. Texan Style Website Logo - A simple and at the same time nice logo. This tutorial is clear and comprehensive and the final result is rather stylish. Ideas from this tutorial can be used for a variety of different purposes from making an icon to creating a whole business style.

60. Simple Logo for Consulting Company - This design is for business. It is serious and reliable. It is simple and it sticks to your memory, without distracting from the main content. At the same time tutorial is also short simple and clear.

61. Perspective Logo for Business - Very simple logo for almost any kind of business. In this case universal means good and simple means stylish.

62. Modern Transformers Logo - Even if you are not fan of transformers you would find this tutorial rather useful. It reveals several tricks of the trade and offers a good explanation.

63. Star Logo - There is the word for both this tutorial and the logo that it represents: nice. Everything is nice about them and seems somehow tiny and shiny. Such solutions are verygood if they correspond to the overall style of the company or a brand.

64. Military Star - Did you ever want to create an international military organization of your own? Well this is your chance to get to know how to make a good logo for one in a few short steps.

65. Xbox 360 Logo - Idea of this logo may seem too simple, but it has proven to be effective. That is why learning on this one can be very useful.

66. Austrailasia ACM Logo - If we put aside gloomy colors of the final image (and we have to, because this tutorial is recreating an existing logo), we will receive a pretty nice piece of art and a useful lesson for beginners.

67. Gray Logo - Simple, yet informative. Professionals will not find this tutorial exciting, but beginners will definitely learn a thing or two from it.

68. Concept Web Logo Design - Not very detailed and not very stylish. Everything is moderate, but here you can learn a trick or two on how to make a good logo. After all this is only a tutorial for making a masterpiece of your own.

69. Pink Drop Shade Logo - This tutorial offers a good review of basic instruments that can be used to create a nice logo. Though the final result is not superb, we are sure that many people will find ideas of the tutorial useful and educational.

70. 18 minutes Logo - The author says that this is not a work of art. And he is absolutely right. This is merely a tutorial that represents some very interesting instruments and tricks that many people will find useful.

71. 3D Arrow Logo - A tutorial for a universal piece of art. Assign it to a directory and you got a button, put the name of your company right to it and you got a good logo and, of course, the best thing you can do with it is to learn on this one.

72. Burn Logo - This tutorial explains how to make what is called a classical professional logo design. There are no ultra-modern solutions in this one, but the style is nice and tidy.

73. Google Chrome Logo Design - Do you want to know how Google made its chrome logo? This is a possible way to make one of your one. If it was not for the good explanation, we would have said that it is good only for fans, but actually it is a rather useful learning material.

74. Modern-style Business Logo - This tutorial makes it simple and makes it for business. Take a look at these ideas and step up for the logo of your business.

75. Your Own Google Logo - A precise instruction on how to make your own Google logo. Explanation is clear and reveals some ways of how Google guys may be making their logos. This is for the fans.

76. Simple Business Logo - This logo is simple, it can be done really fast, but, nevertheless, it looks good. Just what a nice logo needs: more a conceptual solution than a sophisticated design.

77. Old-style Transformers Logo - This logo is an oldie. It is associated with the first transformer series and it will be definitely interesting for the fans.

78. Fox News Logo - The final image in this tutorial looks very professional. Mostly because it was originally designed by professionals, but nevertheless… This one does not show any revolutionary techniques, but describes some good tricks that many people will find useful.

79. Custom Design Logo - A very simple logo. Nothing is too much in this tutorial, but at the same time you look and understand that the author possesses a very good sense of style. Look at this one, when you will be wandering the net in search for fresh ideas and stylish shapes.

80. Web 2.0-Style Logo - A rather good piece of advice on making web 2.0 logos. It is simple, but looks neat, and what else do we need from a logo?

81. Indiana Jones Movie Logo - For the fans of Indiana Jones. Learn how to make a desktop background in this style, or even better - create a logo for a fan site.

82. Yoga Class Logo - Some people say that the logo must be purely schematic. Nobody can tell for sure, but in this case schematic looks good and even more - it looks professional.

83. Origami Swan Logo - Even if you never studied origami, you will most likely be able to learn a few new tricks for making a good logo design from this tutorial.

84. 3D Metal Triangular Logo - A conceptual solution useful both for learning and digging for new ideas. It will be especially interesting for beginners.

85. Metal Frame Logo - This is a simple, yet interesting tutorial for making a classical logo for any kind of business. Exactly what you need to learn to make professionally-looking business logos, but not something you will put on your website, if you are a webmaster of a gamers’ community.

86. Web 2.0 Logo Design Tutorial - Yes, this is simple and, yes, this is not too innovative, but this tutorial has got some good ideas and describes some good moves, so take a look at this one, if you are only stepping on the path of a designer.

87. King Crown Logo - A simple tutorial for a simple logo. Good for beginners, because it shows several interesting and useful tricks that you may find useful in making a professional logo.

88. Pizza Place Logo - Who's up for some pizza? If you are looking for a classical solution for a pizza restaurant logo or a style, this is the one.

89. Awards Logo Design - Want to have an award devoted purely to you? Or maybe you need an idea for a new logo? In any case this tutorial will offer you a couple of ideas an tricks on how to do it.

90. How Web 2.0 Logos are Drawn - This tutorial is rather an example of several good ideas, explanation is made for those, who have basic acquaintance with required instruments and are looking for more ideas or maybe an inspiration.

91. SurfBoard Logo - This tutorial teaches you how to make a very simple but extremely convenient logo. Use these tips for developing a unique style of your own.

92. Vectorizing a Logo From an Image - A superb instruction on vectoring images. Everything is explained very clear. The picture itself is not too stylish, but the comparison of the image before and after makes a good impression. The only inconvenience is that the tutorial is divided into separate sheets.

93. Cool Web 2.0 Logo - A simple tutorial, but at the same time it is useful for beginners. It may be not the best looking logo, but the tutorial itself is a good basis for developing better designs and offers a good explanation of the basic instruments.

94. Alien Head Logo - If you wanted to learn how to use glow, shadow and gradient in layer properties for making logos, this is the place you should go. On this simple example the author shows how to do it fast and simple.

95. Simple Gem Logo - Simple, but glamour. They say that true luxury is simple. Well, if it’s true then this is an extremely luxurious design.

96. Basic Logo Design - This tutorial shows creation of a rather simple logo, but it is not clear enough. Instruments are merely named, no pictures of what they look like. So basically, this tutorial is made for people, who know how to do it, but were looking for a fresh idea or for a reincarnation of an old one. And for them this is a good place to be looking.

97. How to Create a Modern Logo - A simple tutorial for beginners. It teaches how to make a good but simple logo for a company. It is really good for making first steps, but not for professionals.

98. Simetrical Futuristic Logo Design - A good explanation on how to make a variant of futuristic logo. It may not be the most beautiful one, but it definitely shows some little tricks of creating futuristic materials for those, who need it.

99. Loudspeaker Logo - A good place to make first steps for those, who want to learn making 3D-like logos in Photoshop. Explanation is clear, though the result does not look very professional.

100. Simple logo Using Custom Shapes - Several examples of how to make a simple logo real fast. It is definitely not for a pro, but a beginner will find more than a handful of things to learn from this tutorial.

101. Cubite graphics Logo - This is not the perfect logo, but it has a good educational potential, if treated well. Learn what it offers and use it for your own piece of art.

We hope you've found a lot of new and useful information while comleting these tutorials. Now that you've learned some tricks of logo development you can try yourself as a freelance designer. We also would like to recommend you a few starting points where you'll find lots of logo design contests to participate in:


We wish you good luck!


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