101 Header Tutorials

A collection of hundred and one comprehensive header tutorials

The most important graphical element of any website is its header image. It's the image that will be seen more than any other on your web site, so it's important to get it looking good. Thus we present you 101 Tutorial on Creating fascinating header designs so you could create worthy web appearance of your website, blog, online shop, etc!


Cool Header - This tutorial is worked out for the beginners, it gives you the detailed instructions and professional tips.



Truck Template Header - Create a porfessional-looking header from the scratch.



Deep Blue Butterfly Header - Learn a simple way to make a nice header for your web site or blog, without using any photos.



Silhouette Header - Create simple but really spectacular  cityscape silhoute header.



Header For Designer Website - Learn to create colourful header with 5 categories, search box and Urls to your feed and Twitter accounts.



Rusted Theme Header - In this tutorial you'll learn to create rusty but extremely good looking headers.



BMW Car Header - This tutorial was made specially for the BMW fan's



Digital Darkness - This tutorial will explain how to create Digital Darkness effect.



Neat & Unique Header - The end result resembles a digital circuit board that truly looks fantastic.



Professional Website Header - In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn about some great techniques about making header, buttons and some more web graphics



Technorati Style Header Tutorial  -This tutorial will show you how to create a website header that is similar to the new header at technorati.com



Hi-Tech Header  - Learn how to create a modern hi-tech website header which can be used in so many website design.



Smooth Gradient Header - This tutorial will show you a few simple techniques to design a nice smooth gradient header and nav bar.



Ornate Website Header - This tutorial will show you how to create a decorative header that you can use on websites or blogs.



Clean Professional Header  - Learn how to create a professional and simple red header with navigational menu.



Sleek Dark Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create a dark header with a sleek and stylish navigation.



Beautiful, Unique Header - Create a beautiful, unique, abstract website header in just a few easy steps.



Cool 3D Web Design Effect  - Learn very easy techniques of using gradients and layer styles to produce nice subtle 3D effects in header designs.



Dreamy Header Tutorial - Learn dreamy and excellent photoshop techniques to create fabulous header.



Design Studio Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create a design studio header.



Video Sharing Header - Learn how to create a header for a video sharing website.



Header Background - This tutorial teaches you how to pick the right colors to create header's background.



Blog Header with Brushes - A Nice tutorial on creating a fancy blog header. Of course this tutorial wouldn’t be so simple with out the use of pre-made photoshop brushes but this tutorial includes all the needed sources.



Web 2.0 Header - A comprehensive photoshop tutorial on creating  Web 2.0 style Header.



Shiny Header - A quick and simple photoshop tutorial for designing a shiny header.



Wii Header - This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to design the Wii header found at Nintendo.com.



Clean Dark Website Header - Learn how to make this clean dark website header using Adobe Photoshop.



Gears of War Website Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to make a complete Gears of War website header (Banner + Navigation).



Hero Header  - In this tutorial you'll explore the techniques used in building the aged paper background, red bars, borders, patterns and grungy star used in the Hero header.



Web 2.0 Car Header - In this tutorial you'll find out how to create good looking Web 2.0 Car Header



Accurate and Professional Design - This photoshop cs3 tutorial will teach you how to make a nice-looking and professional header for your website easily.



BioShock WebSite Header -  Learn how to make a header for your website with a BioShock style.



Vimeo header -  in this tutorial you will discover how to create a multi color header like Vimeo staffpick header.



Spatter Paint Header - In this tutorial you will learn to produce a spatter paint header + navigation.



Black and Red Header - Learn how to make a complete black&red website header and navigation bar.



Pizza Header - Appetizing tutorial for the pizza lovers.



Dating Site Header - Learn to create a lovely header for dating websites.



Navigation Header for a Jewelry - This tutorial shows you how to create a header for a jewelry related website.



Navigation Header for a Portal - Discover how to produce exciting header design for a web portal.



MentalMirage Blog Header - Learn the basics on how to create Mentalmirrage.com like header.




 Viget Inspire Header - Really unique watercolor like technique of creating impressive header.



Girly Web 2.0 Header - With this tutorial, you’ll go through the process of creating a very trendy header design that is all the rage in Web 2.0 styled websites.



 Simple Elegent Header - Simplicity is a style of professionals. Learn how to create simple but at the same time trully elegant headers



Smooth Grey Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create smooth grey and orange header (banner + navigation).



Pegaweb Header - This tutorial gives an example of how to use Adobe Photoshop to make a graphical header image for your web page, that has some button functionality too.



Advanced Web Hosting Services Header -  From this advanced tutorial you'll learn how to make professional headers for web hosting related companies.



Fresh Gradient Header - Create a nice blue gradient website header with a shiny navigation bar



Personal Web Site Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create a header design perfect for personal web sites.



Futuristic Header - A photoshop tutorial to creating a very slick, very futuristic looking header.



Crime Scene Header - Learn to create "true crime" headers that will suite any gamming website greatly.



Ninja Turtles Header Design - In case you a re a great fan of Ninja Turtles - this tuRtorial is right for you.



Red Glass Header - In this tutorial you'll learn to create glossy red header.



News Blog Header - In this detailed tutorial you'll learn how to create news blog header.



LineAge II Game Community Header - This tutorial is a tribute to web's most popular online game - LineAge II.



Tanning Salon Header - Even if you are not going to open tanning salon, you can learn some interesting techniques from this tutorial.



Radio Station Header - This tutorial will show you how to create radio staion web header .



Alien Header - Create an "Alien" type header interface using this detailed tutorial. Learn how to create a smooth stylish interface and apply various effects to give it the "wow" factor!



Garden Website Header - Great website header tutorial for gardening or floral theme website.



Trendy Header - Nice tutorial on creating simple and modern header



Festive Christmas Header - Even though the Christmas has passed you can follow this tutorial to get ready for the Christmas 2011.



Shiny Green Header -In this easy tutorial you will learn how to create shiny green header for ecology website using gradients and layer style effects.



Hand Drawn Wordpress Style Header - In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a hand drawn wordpress style website header.



Comic-Style Header -In this tutorial, we'll review a professional workflow for illustrating website header images in comic style, which are destined to integrate into Wordpress themes.



Blur Photo Header Animation - In this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson, you'll learn how to create blur photo
header animation using some special flash tips and tricks and action script 3.



Cutting Edge Header For Car Site - Learn how to design a cutting edge navigation header for a car site.



Navigation Mechanical Header - This tutorial will teach you how to creat a navigation header with metallic panel & chains.



Amusement Park Site Header - Learn to creat a header for an amusement park website.




Business Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to produce a curvy, layered corporate style header for any business company.



PHP Nuke Style Header - Learn to create a bar that can act as a banner placer or news box in Photoshop



Beautiful Blue Header  -In this tutorial you'll be creating a beautiful blue header suitable for any purposes, simply and effective.



Speech Bubble Header - Learn to create a clean web 2.0 style header containing a speech bubble for your website.



Natural Header - A Photoshop tutorial to create a naturally themed header.



Professional Sleek Header - In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll go through the steps of creating a professional sleek header. Perfect for gaming type websites.



Unique Pink Header Design - In this tutorial you'll learn unique techniques of creating incredible hi-tech header.



3D Blocks Tech Header - a photoshop tutorials for you to create a professional Website Header using 3d cubes design layout.



Sci-Fi Style Header - Walk  through the sci-fi redesign of OWeb2.com’s banner.



Professional Grey Header - This tutorial with guide you through how to make a header for your website with a horizontal navigation bar.



Xbox 360 Header - Learn to create Xbox 360 style headers.



Carbon Feaber Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create the carbon fiber website header that was used at projectcrankwalk.com



Transport Company Header - Follow this simple steps to create attractive header for a Transport company.



Metal Navigation Header - Learn to create metal shapes to create fantastic and professional header.



Page Header Bar - This tutorial with guide you through how to make a header bar for your website and is only limited by your imagination.



DVD Package Header - This tutorial is devoted to creating a DVD header logo.



Retro Dark Blue Header - In this tutorial you will learn how to create a dark blue header with a retro spin on it.



Diving Club Header - This tutorial is designed for the complete beginner. Create this diving club web header.



Snowboard Club Header - This detailed tutorial will take you through the steps to creating a modern and stylish website header for Snowboard Club in Photoshop.



Game Server Header - In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to create a cool web header for World of WarCraft Game Server.



Halo Game Header - With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to create a web header for your game community.



Car Service Header - Learn in easy steps how to create this Car Expert Web Header for your site.



Mu Online Game Header -This tutorial will show you how to create web header for Mu Online community.



Header Appearance Wth Sound -  See this easy lesson and learn how to create simple header appearance using a mask in Flash



Abstract Grunge Header - This tutorial will teach you how to add an abstract grunge type look to your basic blends



Swirl Navigation Header - Learn how to work with shapes and create neate professional headers.



Antique Navigation Header - Following the steps in this tutorial you'll learn how to design a web navigation header for an antique clock site.



Poker Header - Nice tutorial on creating online poker game header.



Aqua-Themed Header - this tutorial you'll learn how to create a stunning aqua-styled blog header



Elegant Abstract Header - In this tutorial, you'll  learn the processes of designining this really cool, abstract style site header



Glossy Header - Make a glossy/glass looking header with a quake4 background



Scrabble Theme Header - Learn how to make a woody header in Photoshop.



Trendy Retro Header - Design a trendy blog header with a retro styling.



Western Scene Header - Detailed tutorial that explains how to create a beautiful header with an illustration painted on wood background.



 Now that you know lots of professional tips and tricks on how to create a website header we hope you'll create the best header ever!

 Post your works and comments so everyone could apriciate your artworks!

 In case you are thinking of creating or redesigning your personal or your company's logo we would like to remind you about our 101 Logo Tutorials sellection - you'll definitely find some professional advices and great examples of how should modern logo look like.


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